Sunday, September 5, 2010

I am not ready for my closeup

Published by Denise aka Top Dog at 1:42 PM

Regis and I went to the Labor Day Shiba meetup at the local dog run on Saturday where we were joined by a Japanese TV crew filming a segment for NTV about the popularity of shibas in the NYC area. There must have been about 25 shibas who showed up ready for their 15 minutes of fame. The TV crew filmed about 1 hour of footage with closeups of shibas playing, interviews with owners and two shiba scuffles with a collie. We even saw a shiba who was as tall as Regis, a first. So if you're wondering if Regis is going to be an international TV star in the near feature, I think this picture sums it up:

[click picture to enlarge]

Regis was bored out of his mind. He didn't do anything but sit by my side which does not make for good tv, he was like Alistair Cook without the comfy couch and shelves of book. The camera crew of course focused on the pups that played, ran around and barked.

L) It started off promising, he met a black and tan shiba but then ignored him. R) The other picture is the TV cameraman who approached Regis and a cream shiba for closeups. Regis ran away, you can see his butt heading towards the picnic bench.

L) Shiba scuffle! Regis is far in the center back (butt shot), I don't think he even knew what happened, but that white shiba had a throw down with the collie (blurry beige object at the front of the picture) and had to be lifted by his collar by his owner. R) Of course after the guy with the videocamera left, Regis returns. The other tall Shiba is sniffing Regis, they could have been identical twins size wise (ok, maybe the guy was a little more svelte).

L) A 3 month old black and tan Shiba following Regis who again had no idea what's going on behind him. R) Baby shiba gets an interview. Who doesn't love a puppy except for Regis?

So bored he can't even be bothered to get up when another shiba comes by to introduce himself.