Monday, July 26, 2010


Published by Denise aka Top Dog at 10:57 AM

Last night just as B and I had gotten into bed and turned off the lights we heard a sudden bark. We were both startled since Regis rarely barks and we last saw him snoozing on the living room rug. We got up hurriedly worried that he ate something weird (a la "My dog ate what?") or having a bad dream. We got up to find him staring at the front door, growling with his hackles up and then letting out a few more threatening barks. We looked out the door peephole but didn't see anyone outside or any noises. We tried to calm him and coax him back to his bed but instead he just decided to lie down in the hall to keep watch. We looked out the peephole again but we were unsure of what Regis sensed. This was the third time Regis has seemingly randomly barked at the door. While we're glad Regis is on the look out for us, we're also unnerved to know that he senses some danger we can't see. Regis never has a problem with guests coming over or delivery people or even neighbors in the hallway. While Regis whimpers and howls when he's happy, snores when he's asleep, barking is rarely a noise he makes. We hope that if it's a ghost he senses, it's a friendly Casper type, preferably one that does dishes, laundry and cleans soap scum off the tub.

Regis, guard dog on duty.